Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center located at 155 40th Street, in Irvington, has been given praise after praise with regards to the excellent care we provide. Which is why if you were recently informed that you will be requiring Hemodialysis in Elizabeth you should enquire about our protocol and process for such treatments.

Alliance Care Hemodialysis Services in Elizabeth – New Jersey

All of our physicians and specialists are licensed and professional while showing you compassion and empathy during your treatments with us. Each department we have here at Alliance Care is kept up to date on the latest forms of treatments, and how to care for you during each session.

There is always a team member nearby in case you feel uncomfortable for whatever the reason may be. We are taught to see signs of discomfort and will check on you throughout your treatment so you know you are not by yourself.

What To Expect When Enrolling Hemodialysis At Alliance Care?

The first question that is normally asked is if the hemodialysis treatment is painful. The honest answer is other than the quick prick of the needle, it should be virtually painless. Should you feel any sort of discomfort or just not right about something before, during and/or after your session, it is extremely important that you let someone know.

How Will Our Staff Make This Ordeal An Ordinary Part Of Your Life?

Our goal for you while you are under our care is that you relax with your new surroundings. The sessions will prove to be boring, but this is prime time to catch up on everything you haven’t be able to. For example, watch that tv show you have been putting off, or read a book you have been interested in. Take advantage of a nap. Talk to your “neighbor” if you are or they are up for it.

You can even talk with one of your health care team members. Remember we all in this together! The sessions do not have to feel like a waste of time.

They are panned out based on your treatment plan so it is highly recommended to never cut a session short or miss one. Any interference with receiving your sessions can lead to a negative impact on your kidney’s health. We want you to be mentally and physically comfortable during each session.

This will surely help make the time go quicker. Hemodialysis in Elizabeth can be a breeze once you find the right establishment for you to get your treatments at.

Get The Best Hemodialysis Services in Elizabeth, NJ

Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a proud member of Excelsior Care Group, with award-winning services to all that partake in our care, whether it is our rehabilitation department or nursing department, you will be treated like an individual. Your life matters to us, your treatment and care matter.

Facilities Options At Alliance Care Rehabilitation & Nursing

If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with our Kidney Specialist and the team, or have questions, please give us a call at (973) 371-7878 or send us an email with your information and questions. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

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Hemodialysis in Elizabeth

About Our Services

At Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our residents’ wellbeing is our highest priority. Our clinical excellence recognized by many awards, our on-call diagnostic lab providing quicker results and our in-house rehab team dedicated to your recovery – are all elements that ensure your end to end continuum of care is state compliant and pleasant from beginning to end.

Our dynamic and bilingual staff to continually elevate the signature Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center experience. We take pride in the caliber of our services Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and proactively expect, meet, and surpass our patients’ needs daily.

We provide top quality, well-coordinated inpatient rehabilitation via peerless professionals and the latest, most modern rehab technology, in an environment suffused with the best clinical accommodations where the measure of our success is a consistently positive patient experience.

Additional Info On Our Amenities

Easily accessible via several major highways, Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is raising the bar in the delivery of short-term rehabilitative and skilled nursing care to Irvington, NJ so that individuals not only live longer – but significantly healthier and better lives.

We are dedicated to our patients’ comfort and wellbeing. Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers an array of amenities that enrich the recovery experience.

  • Beautiful Outdoor Patio
  • Spacious Well-Appointed Rooms
  • Complimentary WiFi & Cable
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Restaurant Style Dining Room
  • 3 Daily Meals / Individualized Nutritional Program offered
  • Registered Dietitian on staff
  • Spacious Lounges & Family Room
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Beautician

Contact Us To Schedule A Tour Today

We welcome personal tours and would love to show you around Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Please give us a call at (973) 371-7878 to schedule a tour at your convenience.