When searching for Ventilator Skilled Nursing in Orange, keep in mind Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center located at 155 40th Street in Irvington. We have been around for quite some time and have been administering around the clock medical care and treatments to all those in need.

Ventilator Care Program

Our goal with patients that are being treated for pulmonary care is that the patient regains their fullest potential by participating in intensive rehabilitative care. For some, this means getting well enough to be weaned off the ventilator, and for those who remain on the ventilator, it means living a more active, enjoyable life supported by a complete respiratory team.

In order for this to work 100%, the active parties should include the patient and their family members. Each party will be each other’s support system during the aftercare time frame.

Skilled Nursing For Ventilator Services in Orange – NJ

Our expert respiratory team for ventilator patients is a full range of highly skilled nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, nurses, therapists, nursing assistants, social workers, and registered dietitian.

Each of which plays an important role in the care that is given to the patient. In order to accomplish the goals set forth for a full recovery, each division has a hand in how to go about your treatment. The idea of having that many professionals involved in a single case may sound ludicrous, but at the end of the day, it is safer to have more than less.

We offer extended hospital care for healing and recovery

The main objective here is to properly treat the patient and offer the best quality of care a facility can offer. We at Alliance Care feel the importance of quality and quantity with caregiving is important. Each step going forward in the recovery needs to be handled with a fine-tooth comb, which leaves less room for any miscalculations or poor judgment calls.

Sub-acute/Long Term Skilled Nursing Care, Tracheostomy & Ventilator Care

Ventilator Skilled Nursing in Orange is hard to come by. The job itself can be tiring, especially if you, as a family member, are trying to be the care given. With cases of a patient being ventilated, it is in the best interests of the patient to have a 24 hour on site skilled nurses around to take the proper vitals and make assessments regarding the physical appearance of the patient.

There are signs and symptoms that need to be looked for and if done by an untrained eye, it could be missed resulting in a worse case scenario.

Get Ventilator Skilled Nursing in Orange, New Jersey

Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Irvington is without a doubt the right place for your loved one to be cared for. Our staff in every department we have all represented themselves proudly and honorably.

Your time here with us will be at times stressful but because we have compassionate care givers we are here to help ease the stress in any way we possibly can.

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Should you find yourself interested in learning more about what Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center located at 155 40th Street in Irvington, feel free to give us a call at (973) 371-7878.

Schedule an on-site tour of the grounds along with a consultation with our physicians to discuss the proper treatment plan that we will set forth for you. You may also email us at info@alliancecarecenter.com. We just ask that you allow us some time to respond with all the appropriate information that you have requested.

We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Ventilator Skilled Nursing in Orange

About Our Services

At Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our residents’ wellbeing is our highest priority. Our clinical excellence recognized by many awards, our on-call diagnostic lab providing quicker results and our in-house rehab team dedicated to your recovery – are all elements that ensure your end to end continuum of care is state compliant and pleasant from beginning to end.

Our dynamic and bilingual staff to continually elevate the signature Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center experience. We take pride in the caliber of our services Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and proactively expect, meet, and surpass our patients’ needs daily.

We provide top quality, well-coordinated inpatient rehabilitation via peerless professionals and the latest, most modern rehab technology, in an environment suffused with the best clinical accommodations where the measure of our success is a consistently positive patient experience.

Additional Info On Our Amenities

Easily accessible via several major highways, Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is raising the bar in the delivery of short-term rehabilitative and skilled nursing care to Irvington, NJ so that individuals not only live longer – but significantly healthier and better lives.

We are dedicated to our patients’ comfort and wellbeing. Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center offers an array of amenities that enrich the recovery experience.

  • Beautiful Outdoor Patio
  • Spacious Well-Appointed Rooms
  • Complimentary WiFi & Cable
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Restaurant Style Dining Room
  • 3 Daily Meals / Individualized Nutritional Program offered
  • Registered Dietitian on staff
  • Spacious Lounges & Family Room
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Beautician

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We welcome personal tours and would love to show you around Alliance Care Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Please give us a call at (973) 371-7878 to schedule a tour at your convenience.